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Who is this "Pinky" person?

Do you remember that competency test we were given in high school? The one that told us what career field we should go into? Well, mine told me “accounting”…..every time I took it!


Umm…! That’s totally NOT me! I’m quirky, silly, goofy, and just downright weird sometimes! I freak out over horses and motorcycles! I will NOT be wearing boring clothes and a pocket protector, and sitting in a cubicle my whole life! No way!


So I ignored that “dumb” test! And floundered most of my young adult life to “find my groove” with a career. I mostly worked in the financial industry, in positions where I could set my own hours…..because I was a single mom and I would not have my kids raised in daycare. I was a mortgage loan agent, I worked as an assistant to a financial advisor……and I loved it all! My favorite part was sitting and talking with clients about their goals, and creating a plan with them to achieve those goals.


Several years later, when my kids were teens, I found myself TOTALLY EXCITED about registering for college classes to earn my accounting degree! What?! Where did THAT excitement come from?? I didn’t know, but I rolled with it! And I LOVED every minute of my accounting classes! And…..I graduated with Dean’s Honors, and was invited to be the graduate student speaker at the commencement ceremony!


Ok… I guess I needed to figure out how to be a bookkeeper WITHOUT a pocket protector! Haha!


Fast forward until now……I really do love accounting and bookkeeping! I love that numbers puzzle and the financial story they tell about your business. I love consulting with clients and guiding them to grow their revenue and save on taxes. And I love that I can wear whatever clothes I want, no pocket protector (unless it's a pink sparkly one!), and work remotely from wherever I am.


When I’m not doing bookkeeping for my amazing clients, I’m riding my horses, riding my motorcycle, singing on the worship team for the children at church, serving within Celebrate Recovery and Broken Chains JC to spread the message of hope in Christ Jesus to find healing from any hurts and pains in life.


And……I’m probably the only bookkeeper that has bright pink hair under my cowgirl hat!

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