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Save Thousands Every Year

Studies show that using a qualified bookkeeper will save your small business an average of $3500 per year!

Without a qualified bookkeeper, you'll likely experience: 

  • Untracked Receipts and Payments

  • Unreconciled and Uncategorized Income and Expenses.....

Resulting in missed tax deductions and paying unnecessary taxes! 

(Not to mention the increased fees from your CPA for doing all your books at the end of the year, so the taxes CAN be done!)

Outsource To 

An Expert


On average, a small business owner spends 10+ hours monthly on their bookkeeping..... much revenue could you earn in that 10+ hours?? 

Or is that time you could be

doing something you LOVE?

Take that time back by letting me take your bookkeeping off your hands! 

Financial Health of Your Business


Do you have a solid grip on your business finances? 

Do you know exactly what parts of your business are your profit centers?

What does your cash flow look like?

If you needed to make a huge purchase tomorrow, do you have the financial resources to do it, SAFELY?? 

Working with me as your bookkeeper will assure accurate and timely financial reporting, so you can rest easier with those tough business decisions.

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